Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Very Special Day

Today is the third anniversary of when I flew home with Diesel. That day was one of rejoicing and of new beginnings.


Diesel and I have grown so much over the last three years. When he first came home, he was a very high energy dog. He was only nineteen months old. He is now four years old and much calmer.


Walking alongside Diesel has been an adventure. There have been moments of laughter and tears. But regardless of the emotions, it has been a wonderful three years.


Diesel and I have done so much together. He helped guide me through the remainder of my undergraduate studies. He is now helping me navigate the exciting world of a Master’s program in social work.


Our bond is strong. We now work well as a team. Experience has helped Diesel become a wonderful guide dog. His skills are superb. Add in his hilarious personality and it is a journey to remember.


I hope to have many more adventures with my lovable and goofy guide dog!


Today is special to me for another reason. Diesel’s homecoming fell on my best friend Jill’s birthday. This is significant to me because she believed that I would have a guide dog by her birthday. I did not think that was possible. Not only was it true, but I flew home with him on her birthday. So happy birthday Jill. Thank you for bringing me hope when I thought there was none!

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  1. My best Birthday present ever. Diesel for you! Let the adventures continue!