Sunday, May 29, 2011

Waiting For a New Guide Dog

I have been on summer break for a few weeks now. Unfortunately what I thought was going to happen at the beginning of my summer is not happening. I was hoping to be training with my new guide dog during the month of June.

However, this is not going to happen; at least not yet. Southeastern Guide dog is still trying to find a good match for me.

I am hoping to be matched with a dog in time to be in the July training class. If it does not happen then, a home placement will probably have to be how it is done. I would rather go down to the school to get the training with the new dog, but I will do what I have to do.

Now I am doing the hard part of waiting. My patience is truly being tested. Bristol is not making this any easier by the way he is behaving. He does not want to work anymore. All he wants to do is play and socialize with anyone he comes in contact with. More and more often, he doesn’t want to work at all. He is not focusing on his job of safely guiding me at all. He get’s distracted by the slightest thing, whether it is another animal, person, or anything else that catches his attention. That is a dangerous behavior. If he and I aren’t careful, we could both get seriously hurt. When walking with him, I can’t rely on him like I use to be able too. The stress of that is not good for either myself or Bristol and needs to come to an end soon.